KS Labor Rally to Support Nabisco 600

The rally, dubbed the "Bread and Roses Rally" turned out local politicians, labor and clergy to the south side of the State Capitol. All were there to show support of a group of 600 workers who lost there jobs to Mexico. The exporting of jobs illustrates the mass exodus of jobs in the U.S. that many of the speakers pointed out in their speeches. They say trade agreements like the TPP and NAFTA have resulted in the loss of jobs of these 600 in Chicago and across the Nation. Local politicians and labor leaders chimed in their thoughts on the plight of American workers, stagnant wages, fundamental rights to organize and union representation. Supportive local politicians and candidates for the November election said the Brownback administration and his minions epitomize the attack on a disappearing middle-class. Attacks on Teachers and State Workers remain at the forefront for this election and should impact the general election. The impact of their issues could already be seen in this year's primary election. The event was organized by local Frito-Lay Workers who are members of the same National Union representing the Nabisco workers. A benefit concert after the rally was held in downtown Topeka to assist a local charity "Let's Help" and the displaced Chicago workers.