Fair Share is an issue whereby a Union can collect fees from non-union  employees for representation. Print and sign our Petition below if you agree. Unions have long represented any and all workers under a barganing agreement (contract) if the position fell within the scope of the bargaining unit. Typically, such a contract will name positions under the contract and working conditions such as pay, hours, overtime, holidays, sick and vacation time. It will almost certainly include Retirement and Health Care benefits. It will also include procedures and processes for disciplinary actions taken by an employer or grievances filed by an employee. In these cases where the Union represented the worker's interests a fee could be calculated and assessed if it is within the laws of that State. Currently, Kansas does not provide for a Fair Share Service Fee, but HB 2325 would change that. You can help in two ways. First by adding the petions below to our Petition Drive. Second, by calling your State House Representative to get his/her support for HB 2325 and ask that the bill get a public hearing. Petitions can be mailed to the Kansas AFL-CIO at 2131 SW 36th Street, Topeka, KS 66611