Name: ____________________________________ 18/registered voter____ Local Lodge: _____

 Address: ______________________________________________________________________

This letter is to acknowledge my support and desire for you my elected representative to work towards the implementation of the Fair Share Act.  I am in agreement with what is trying to be accomplished with this proposal.  I have worked for some time in a union organized company, I don’t feel it should be considered acceptable for those in the organized labor group who chose to be affiliated with said organization to receive less monetary gains than individuals who choose not to participate.  I have actually had a large portion of these non-participants tell me they don’t need to join when they get all the same things for free. 

This seems to be a reasonable compromise for all involved.  It offers the sanctity of a right-to- work state so that if one chooses not to be affiliated, they still have that right; but those that are just holding it over the participating groups heads that work to create this opportunity for all; those that feel they have no need to play a responsible role (free loaders/something for nothing mentality) will no longer have the ability to create a less than cohesive environment in the work place.  And yet, if one has personal reasons (religious or other) for not wishing to participate, the choice is still there.  In such cases it benefits communities with the donations to these important highly recognized charity organizations. It can easily verified through the payroll deduction and tracked by the state with the same process being used to track health insurance,  and the donation to charity is also good for the state’s economic recovery.  As my elected official I am asking you to work with due diligence on my behalf to implement this proposal.

 Thank you